About My First Mural Work


Subhashini Maniam

I have always been fascinated by Mural paintings since my childhood days. Never imagined that I would do one myself until this opportunity came to me. I am teaching Art at Temple of Fine Arts, Singapore. Our school just moved to a new location and I was given a wall to decorate. I took this opportunity to express what Temple of Fine Arts means.



I chose to use Warli style of painting as I was drawn to the simplified representation of Folk imagination, beliefs and customs which are spontaneously expressed. Warli Paintings are characterized by the minimalistic style employed to say the profoundest things. The use of color is restricted to a stark white against earthen backgrounds. Geometric designs dominate most paintings; dots and crooked lines are the units of these compositions. The appeal of these unicolor compositions lies in their lack of pretentiousness in conveying the profound.  

This mural is divided into two parts.




Sheer joy depicts the joy of living life to its fullest. Life has its own primal motion and natural rhythm. In this section, the people in the spiral formation represent all of us at the Temple of Fine Arts as we move together around the lamp in the center which represents the light of Temple of Fine Arts, our guru, founder and guide His holiness Swami ShantanandSaraswathiwith his harmony and rhythm that spreads and charms the complete space, he is the creator and inspiration of life around TFA. Transcending the barriers of time and space this warli painting portrays eternal life at Temple of Fine Arts in its universal form.

The other part of the painting represents the daily activity of Temple of Fine Arts.

Do post me your feedback of what you think about my work.



About subhashini

Subhashini Balasubramanian : A Masters graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and University of Huddersfield, she is a practicing artist in Singapore. She has been teaching and conducting art workshops for the past 10 years.
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10 Responses to About My First Mural Work

  1. kamaldollah says:

    Cool… reminds me of campfire nights where we sang song and be merry. A rather joyous mural.

    Now that you are a blogger, I’m looking forward to see more of your work online.

  2. Vijaya Ramanujam says:

    soopercool work n nice explanation!finally got 2 see u’r work!!;)happy blogging!will wait for more of yours!!:)

  3. roopa says:

    congrats way to go. keep up the good work

  4. Ananth says:

    Looks really good and to have conceptualized this and executed it, is am sure a great feeling. Keep up the great work.

  5. ketO9lives says:

    hi subashini, yes i am very happy that you did the wall painting for tfa in singapore. i had taken pictures of it too when i came down for diti. it is good work. did you ever feel the temptation to put colour on the other walls as well? tsk tsk!! in the classrooms?

  6. Geetha Rajan says:

    Hi Subashini, wanted to look through your blog for a long time and managed to do it thoroughly. The works shown were just fantastic and the warli painting is beyond words. I hope we can see more of this as I don’t think many in Singapore have been introduced to this art form or they probably know very little of it. Thanks for the blog. For artists out there here is a blog that should remain under your ‘favourites’ for a very long time. All the best to you Subashini.

  7. saravanakumar says:

    If i said in single word about it “FABULOUS” Keep it up

  8. forgot you had a website =)

  9. Bhargavi Krishnamoorthy says:

    Excellent and intelligent Subha!!!!
    May all your dreams come true!!!

  10. Subhashini says:

    Thanks Bharghavi. 🙂

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