My path

Colour, Emotion and Music are the most interesting subjects for me. Being a visual artist trained in Indian classical music, my interest lies in understanding the intimate relationship between these three aspects of human experience.

Inspired from 16th century Ragamala paintings that combined music, poetry and miniature painting to express the beauty and uniqueness of the Raga, I am keen on reviving that art form and finding its relevance to contemporary art practice.


Necessary Extravagance @ Lim Hak Tai Gallery


About subhashini

Subhashini Balasubramanian : A Masters graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and University of Huddersfield, she is a practicing artist in Singapore. She has been teaching and conducting art workshops for the past 10 years.
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3 Responses to My path

  1. Gowri says:

    Hi Subhashini,

    Good to see you here as the g.daughter of the most favorite artist of my younger years, Maniam.He was the motivation for us me and my elder sibling to take up art a bit seriously.Unfortunately our father didn’t think it would be useful for us to be trained in art.Anyway, I took it up again, while I was in Tanjore after my children grew up.Destiny made me specialise in Tanjore paintings.I also loved the raaga style of paintings and tried a few.

    • Subhashini says:

      Dear Gowri,
      Thankyou for your comment. I am really getting to know about him more now, from people like you and from the exhibition of my fathers and my grandfathers I curated last month in Singapore.

      Is there any website where I can see your works? I am also curious of how you came to my blog.

      awaiting your response,


  2. Gowri says:

    I had been googling for some time now for ‘Maniam’, and may be I didn’t do it right…since all I got was only ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ pages.I desperately joined that group, but was disappointed that there was mention about the artist only a few times, but more discussion about tamil literature.So tried google images for Maniam’s paintings, and ended up with a few blog posts, one of which was yours.Of course I have heard about you and your father too.(Have envied you too…:)…!)

    As for me I don’t have any web site of my own, rather I don’t prefer one.Want to keep a low profile, because of my age.But I custom make paintings and teach this wonderful art form to any aspirant who is interested in learning seriously.My life at Tanjore for more than 30 years has made me fall in love with the traditional style , and I try to maintain the purity of the methods, and style.

    I have just started a blog about my memories about the art journey. It is really nice that you have taken the time to respond.Keep up the tradition!


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