Art Carnivale @ Burrendah Primary School.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary


The artwork that I would like to call as ‘The Sanctuary” is inspired by the schools song

– Together.

Many cultures one voice
All together we have a choice
We join as one hand in hand
To become friends and understand

We stand together to achieve
Side by side we all believe
We are the home of the nesting swan
And all together we belong.

Burrendah – in the aboriginal language means the home of the nesting swan. I believe that this school is truly the home of the nesting swan. In Hindu philosophy, the mythical Swan is considered a very wise bird which is the vehicle to goddess of knowledge – Saraswathy. It has the ability to separate milk and water when mixed together. Meaning the wisdom of separating good from bad. Burrendah being the home of the nesting Swan, Every child that comes here for education is taught the best of values and given the best in everthing to shape them into beautiful personalities.

There are children here from more than 40 different countries. All coming to gether to this nourishing ground to root themselves to grow and become strong individuals with good character. I am enjoying the wonderful rich environment that the school offers our kids with such care and love from all teachers, support staff and even the volunteers who help manage the roads to give kids a safe secure place to learn and grow.

Reflecting the dream of a dream of a Tamil indian poet – Kaniyan poongundranaar who lived about 3000 years ago.. ‘ yaathum oore yavarum keleer’ which means I am a global citizen and the whole world is my kith and kin. To me, Burrendah reflects the same feeling. It is the sanctuary for little kids to preserve the purity of good values, culture with love, care, safety and discipline.

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