A Flower A Day : Salvia Signum

salvia signum

Today I found this beautiful purple flower named Salvia Signum.

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A Flower A Day 25 Oct 2015

Flower for 25th Oct 2015

Flower for 25th Oct 2015. 

I am continuing to explore more flowers from my garden. I don’t know their names yet. Will add the names once I find out.

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Art Carnivale @ Burrendah Primary School.

A community Fundraiser Event at Burrendah Primary School conducted an art exhibition of their students. A wonderful concept visualised by the very inspiring art teacher of this school, Mrs Danielle Eitzen  had every class come together and create a collaborative artwork on canvas. All these pieces along with smaller artworks inspired by the Italian culture were on display and were put up for auction. The parents & the community helped support this venture and made it a success.

I was introduced as a local artist to the community. I did a painting inspired by the school and its contribution to the local community and presented it at the show.

The artwork that I would like to call as ‘The Sanctuary” is inspired by the schools song

– Together.

Many cultures one voice
All together we have a choice
We join as one hand in hand
To become friends and understand

We stand together to achieve
Side by side we all believe
We are the home of the nesting swan
And all together we belong.

Burrendah – in the aboriginal language means the home of the nesting swan. I believe that this school is truly the home of the nesting swan. In Hindu philosophy, the mythical Swan is considered a very wise bird which is the vehicle to goddess of knowledge – Saraswathy. It has the ability to separate milk and water when mixed together. Meaning the wisdom of separating good from bad. Burrendah being the home of the nesting Swan, Every child that comes here for education is taught the best of values and given the best in everthing to shape them into beautiful personalities.

There are children here from more than 40 different countries. All coming to gether to this nourishing ground to root themselves to grow and become strong individuals with good character. I am enjoying the wonderful rich environment that the school offers our kids with such care and love from all teachers, support staff and even the volunteers who help manage the roads to give kids a safe secure place to learn and grow.

Reflecting the dream of a dream of a Tamil indian poet – Kaniyan poongundranaar who lived about 3000 years ago.. ‘ yaathum oore yavarum keleer’ which means I am a global citizen and the whole world is my kith and kin. To me, Burrendah reflects the same feeling. It is the sanctuary for little kids to preserve the purity of good values, culture with love, care, safety and discipline.

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Mehndi Workshop with Subhashini Balasubramanian

Mehndi Workshop with Subhashini Balasubramanian

Sat 15th Aug | 10a. – 12 am | $48.00

Bookings essential. Enrol at Exhibition Workshop, call 94329555 or visit FAC reception.

Henna Workshop @ Fremantle Arts Centre

Mehndi is the art of applying temporary henna tattoos. This ancient Indian tradition serves as a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality. Learn more about Mehndi, discover the different designs and work with organic henna in this fun introductory workshop.

Hailing from the South of India, Subhashini Balasubramanian has a Masters in Contemporary Art Practice and has been teaching Indian art techniques for the last 15 years in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Subhashini continues to explore her artistic endeavours and has been exhibiting artworks regularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and India.

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Colourful Batik Painting @ Fremantle Art Centre

Colourful Batik Painting for kids was a two hour workshop which was conducted as part of the Fremantle Art Centre’s kids holiday program on the 10th July 2015. The group of 9 kids had an engaging time learning about traditional technique of Batik painting. Though the kids used pre-waxed fabric pieces to colour, they enjoyed watching the process of how the traditional batik was made. They had fun letting the colours flow into one another and create attractive effects of blending that is unique to batik painting.

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Adobe Education Exchange Launches in Singapore

I have benefited so much from this forum and have shared some of my experiences and resources with the members. I felt so honoured when they approached me about using my profile and interview  for their promotion their launch.



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Doodle session inspired by Dailymonsters.com

Students of classes 1 – 5 of Global Indian International School, Queenstown campus had an exciting doodle session last week during their Art class. Inspired by the German artist Stefan G Bucher’s Dailymonsters.com, the students explored finding their own monsters from a simple color splotch. This session proved to be an exciting and fun filled creative process which all students enjoyed. It was a joy to see their creative spark light up..

slideshow of the process at GIIS QT

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